2001 Stallion, Thunder

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Thunder’s Band:
2000 Mare, Strawberry
2001 Mare, Pale Lady
2004 Mare, Winter
2005 Mare, Spotted Blue
2007 Mare, Angel
2010 Mare, Cowgirl
2014 Mare, Taylor
2019 Colt, Amite (Strawberry)

2019 Updates:

  • Angel gave birth to a filly in March.
  • Taylor gave birth to a colt in April.
  • Strawberry gave birth to a colt in April.
  • Xander was removed from the band in April and became a bachelor.
  • 2018 Filly, Calypso (Strawberry) was pulled for adoption in April.
  • 2019 Filly, Admiral (Angel) and 2019 Colt, Alabaster (Taylor) were pulled for adoption in August.