2010 Stallion, Half Moon

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Half Moon’s Band:
2001 Mare, Tanker
2004 Mare, Freckles
2004 Mare, Rosie
2007 Mare, Nordie (whereabouts unknown)
2009 Mare, Punkin
2011 Mare, Sumac
2014 Mare, Eclipse
2019 Colt, Aloe (Rosie)

2019 Updates:

  • Punkin gave birth to the first foal of the year, a colt named Jack, in January. He has been missing since the beginning of February and is presumed dead.
  • Mare Nordie went missing from the band at the beginning of February. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Rosie gave birth to a colt in April.
  • Half Moon lost Mare Freckles to Guardian in April.
  • 2018 Fillies, Blue Moon (Nordie), Selene (Rosie), Phoebe (Freckles), and 2017 Filly, Punkin Spice (Punkin) were pulled for adoption in April.
  • Half Moon stole Mare Freckles from Guardian in October.