2015 Stallion, Grady

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Grady’s Band:
2005 Mare, Blondie
2005 Mare, Twister
2014 Mare, Gigi
2019 Colt, Arcola (Gigi)
2020 Filly, Frosted Arrow (Justice)
2020 Colt, Blazo (Trouble’s Girl)
2020 Filly, Pixie (Stormy)
2020 Filly, Bonnet (Gigi)
2021 Filly, Gidget (Gigi)

2021 Updates:

  • Grady had been occasionally seen with Mare Trouble’s Girl and her two colts by Stallion Wildrye, Anthem and Blazo, throughout the winter months. When she disappeared at the end of January her colts were picked up by Grady’s band and continue to walk with them today.
  • Grady picked up fillies Frosted Arrow (Justice) and Pixie (Stormy) in September.
  • Mare Gigi gave birth to a filly in September.