Brutus’ Band

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Brutus has held many different mares over the years. His lead mare, Maddie, has been by his side for the last decade. In 2014, he gained Cassie and her daughter, Dawn. He added Copper Penny and Skipper in 2015. In May of 2018, he would gain Patches after taking her from young bachelors who were not strong enough to keep her. In 2019, the young stallion Maverick would spend several months fighting Brutus for mares. In July he would succeed and take the rest of the band from Brutus.

Brutus would pick up Mare Patches and her 2021 Filly, Poppy in June after they had been separated from their band for over a month but later lose them to Maverick.

In August of 2022, Brutus would acquire Mare Beaver from Half Moon’s band.