Sharing the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park through photos and stories.

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A Look at Bayou

Good evening everyone! This little cutie is Bayou out of Mare River. She is another one of Sidekick’s beautiful little girls. She’s 3 weeks old now and growing fast. I[…]

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Misty Blue – A Born Leader

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a great week as best as you can. Today I wanted to share a story with you all about this little firecracker,[…]

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Shay’s New Addition

Hello everyone! Before posting more on the bands I saw recently, I wanted to share a new addition to the herd. Mare Shay of Teton’s band has foaled and guess[…]

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Adopted Horses

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Spring 2019
Fall 2019

Wild Horse Videos

A collection of wild horse videos filmed inside
Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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