Sharing the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota through photos, video, and stories.

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Snip’s Gray

Hello everyone. Today, we need to talk about this amazing mare, 23-year-old Snip’s Gray. Until recently, she had been a long-time member of Sidekick’s band. A few things have happened[…]

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Maverick on the Move

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few photos of 2014 Band Stallion, Maverick, with you tonight. I do not often get a chance to share his band, so this[…]

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A Special Bond

Hello everyone! Tonight, we look at two beautiful mares in Flax’s band, Mae and Amargo. These two have been close since Amargo was very young. Often, you would see Amargo[…]

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Wild Horse Videos

A collection of wild horse videos filmed inside
Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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