2010 Stallion, Half Moon

Half Moon’s Band:
2001 Mare, Tanker
2004 Mare, Freckles
2004 Mare, Rosie
2007 Mare, Nordie (whereabouts unknown)
2009 Mare, Punkin
2011 Mare, Sumac
2014 Mare, Eclipse
2017 Filly, Punkin Spice
2018 Filly, Blue Moon
2018 Filly, Pheobe
2018 Filly, Selene

2019 Updates:

  • Mare Punkin gave birth to the first foal of the year, a colt named Jack, in January. He has been missing since the beginning of February and is presumed dead.
  • Mare Nordie went missing from the band at the beginning of February. Her current whereabouts are unknown.