2010 Stallion, Arrowhead

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Arrowhead’s Band:
2004 Mare, Little Brother’s Girl
2006 Mare, Diamond
2006 Mare, Domino
2007 Mare, Blue
2013 Mare, Justice
2014 Mare, Blue Velvet
2020 Filly, Jewel (Sapphire)
2021 Colt, Cadet (Justice)
2021 Filly, Dominique (Domino)

2021 Updates:

  • 2020 Filly, Betsy (Papoose) was pulled for adoption in March.
  • Half Moon stole Mare Papoose from Arrowhead in April.
  • Mare Justice gave birth to a colt in April.
  • Mare Domino gave birth to a filly in April.
  • Arrowhead stole 2019 Filly, Aqua (Sapphire) from Ollie Jr in April. She passed away in June.
  • Remington stole Mare Opal from Arrowhead in April.
  • Arrowhead stole 2020 Filly, Jewel (Sapphire) from Ollie Jr in April.
  • 2020 Filly, Frosted Arrow (Justice) left the band in May and was later picked up by Guardian.
  • 2019 Filly, Antice (Domino), and her brother 2020 Colt, Blackjack (Domino), left the band in May and were eventually picked up by Guardian.