2011 Stallion, Wildrye

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Wildrye’s Band:
2005 Mare, Blondie
2014 Mare, Gigi
2014 Mare, Lorena
2014 Mare, Paige
2019 Stallion, Arcola (Gigi)
2020 Mare, Bonnet (Gigi)
2020 Mare, Frosted Arrow (Justice)
2020 Mare, Pixie (Stormy)
2020 Mare, Lorelye (Lorena)
2021 Mare, Gidget (Gigi)
2023 Filly, Maisey (Paige)
2024 Filly, Breeze (Bonnet)

2024 Updates:

  • Arcola started trailing the band and, over time, has worked his way in with no current disagreement from Wildrye.
  • Mare Bonnet gave birth to a filly in June.