Wildrye’s Band

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Wildrye, the 2011 full brother to Teton, gained his first band in 2016. He and stallion Gray Ghost worked together to break up Little Sorrel’s band. Wildrye would take Trouble’s Girl and eventually, Lorena. Later that year, he would also add Paige from Gary’s band. In the winter of 2017, he would find Little Gray alone near Painted Canyon when she was separated from Half Moon and add her to his band as well.

Over the winter months of 2020-21, his mare Trouble’s Girl and their two colts, Anthem and Blazo, were seen alone and occasionally walking with Stallion Grady. When Trouble’s Girl disappeared at the end of January, her two colts were picked up by Grady.

The spring of 2021 brought sorrow when Mare Lorena gave birth to a tiny colt named Liam. He fought as hard as he could but was not able to thrive and passed soon after. The fall brought another new addition when Mare Little Gray gave birth to her new colt, Ryely in September.