2014 Stallion, Gunner

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Gunner’s Band:
2005 Mare, Sundance
2006 Mare, Raven
2007 Mare, Cedar
2017 Mare, Perdita
2019 Filly, Anisak (Perdita)
2020 Filly, Raven’s Myst (Raven)
2020 Filly, Birch (Perdita)
2021 Filly, Mystique (Raven)
2021 Colt, Ace (Perdita)

2021 Updates:

  • At the end of 2020, Gunner was seen without Mare Perdita, Filly Anisak, and Filly Birch. They would later be picked up by Flash in January but quickly went back to Gunner.
  • Mare Raven gave birth to a filly in February.
  • Mare Perdita gave birth to a colt in April.