Gunner’s Band

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Gunner, a 2014 stallion out of Papoose by Mystery, gained his own band in 2019. Perdita and her newborn filly, Anisak, had somehow separated from Perdita’s natal band and were walking alone. After several weeks of fighting for her, Gunner won out over the other stallions and claimed Perdita and her foal.

In July of 2020, Gunner would add to his band when he stole some of his late father’s former mares, including Sundance, Cedar, Cheyenne, Raven, and her filly Raven’s Myst from stallion Copper. The band grew larger again in February of 2021 when Mare Raven gave birth to a filly named Mystique, and Perdita had a colt named Ace.

In 2023, Birch gave birth to filly Aspen, and Little Mo had filly Meadow. Birch and Aspen would leave the band occasionally and eventually were picked up by stallion Applewood, who they remain with today.

In March of 2024, Perdita would add to the band again when she gave birth to the first foal of the year, a filly named Chloe.