Gunner’s Band

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Gunner, a 2014 stallion out of Papoose by Mystery, gained a band of his own in 2019. Perdita and her newborn filly, Anisak had somehow become separated from Perdita’s natal band and were walking all alone. Perdita, at the age of 3, was caring for her first foal alone while still a baby herself. When numerous young stallions fought over her she did an extraordinary job of keeping young Anisak safe. After several weeks, Gunner won out over the other stallions and claimed Perdita and her foal for himself.

In July of 2020, Gunner would add to his band once again when he stole some of his late father’s former mares including Sundance, Cedar, Cheyenne, Raven, and her filly Raven’s Myst from stallion Copper. They had been running with Copper since Mystery’s passing in May. In early August, he would, unfortunately, lose one of his newly gained mares when Cheyenne unexpectedly passed away.

In February of 2021, Mare Raven would give birth to a filly named Mystique. Her sire is presumed to be Mystery making her Gunner’s new half-sister.