Bachelor Updates

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Bachelors/Former Band Stallions:
2000 Stallion, Circus
2001 Stallion, Satellite (Former Band Stallion)
2001 Stallion, Thunder (Former Band Stallion)
2004 Stallion, Cloud (Former Band Stallion)
2013 Stallion, Trooper (Former Band Stallion)
2014 Stallion, Casper
2014 Stallion, Wind Dancer
2016 Stallion, Buster
2018 Stallion, Cagney
2019 Colt, Alluvium
2019 Colt, Anthem
2019 Colt, Apex
2019 Colt, Applewood
2020 Colt, Bart

2021 Updates:

  • Satellite lost his band to Flash in March.
  • Applewood became a bachelor in March.
  • Alluvium became a bachelor in March.
  • Anthem become a bachelor in May.
  • Apex became a bachelor in May.
  • Maverick took his band back from Trooper in July.
  • Bart became a bachelor in August.