Bachelor Updates

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Bachelors/Former Band Stallions:
2004 Stallion, Cloud (Former Band Stallion)
2005 Stallion, Coal (Former Band Stallion)
2014 Stallion, Wind Dancer (Former Band Stallion)
2015 Stallion, Grady (Former Band Stallion)
2016 Stallion, Buster (Former Band Stallion)
2018 Stallion, Cagney (Former Band Stallion)
2019 Stallion, Aloe
2019 Stallion, Amite
2019 Stallion, Anthem
2019 Stallion, Arey
2020 Stallion, Banty
2020 Stallion, Bart
2020 Stallion, Blazo
2020 Stallion, Bokel
2021 Stallion, Beau
2022 Colt, Shooter

2024 Updates:

  • 2019 Stallion, Amite became a bachelor in March.
  • 2021 Stallion, Beau became a bachelor in April.
  • 2022 Colt, Shooter became a bachelor in May.
  • 2021 Stallion, Ace was gone from his natal band at the beginning of May and is currently missing.
  • 2019 Stallion, Alluvium was removed from the park by staff in June.