2014 Stallion, Maverick

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Maverick’s Band
2007 Mare, Maddie
2010 Mare, Cassie
2013 Mare, Dawn
2014 Mare, Copper Penny
2014 Mare, Paisley
2014 Mare, Skipper
2016 Mare, Patches
2017 Filly, Aurora
2019 Colt, Arey (Skipper)

2019 Updates:

  • Maverick stole mares Copper Penny, Paisley, Patches, and colt Poseidon at the beginning of April. He continued to hold Copper Penny and Poseidon while he and Brutus were doing a back and forth with Mares Paisley and Patches. Maverick ended up taking them back once again towards the end of April.
  • Brutus and Maverick went back and forth fighting over mares through June however, Brutus lost his entire band to Maverick in July.
  • 2018 Colt, Poseidon (Copper Penny) was pulled for adoption in August.
  • Maverick lost Skipper to Brutus in September.
  • Maverick stole Skipper and her colt back from Brutus at the end of October.