2010 Stallion, Ollie Jr.

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Ollie Jr.’s Band:
1999 Mare, Stormy
2004 Mare, Freckles
2007 Mare, Autumn
2007 Mare, Sapphire
2019 Filly, Ardena (Pretty Girl)
2020 Filly, Katie (Freckles)
2020 Filly, Pixie (Stormy)
2020 Filly, Bess (Autumn)

2021 Updates:

  • Ollie Jr stole Filly Ardena from Remington in March.
  • Ollie Jr kicked out his 2019 Colt, Applewood (Stormy) in March.
  • Ollie Jr stole Mare Freckles and her filly Katie from Guardian in March.
  • Ollie Jr lost 2019 Filly, Aqua (Sapphire), and 2020 Filly Jewel (Sapphire) to Arrowhead in April.