2013 Stallion, Trooper

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Trooper’s Band:
2007 Mare, Maddie
2010 Mare, Cassie
2013 Mare, Dawn
2014 Mare, Copper Penny
2014 Mare, Paisley
2014 Mare, Skipper
2016 Mare, Patches
2017 Mare, Aurora
2019 Colt, Arey (Skipper)
2020 Filly, Bluegrass (Aurora)
2020 Filly, Poppy (Patches)


2021 Updates:

  • Trooper stole Mare Maddie from Maverick in October of 2020.
  • Trooper stole Mare Dawn, Mare Skipper, Mare Patches, Mare Aurora, Colt Arey, and Filly Bluegrass from Maverick in January.
  • Trooper would take the remaining mares (Cassie, Copper Penny, and Paisley) from Maverick in February.
  • Mare Patches gave birth to her and Maverick’s filly in May.