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Raven’s Myst and Rumor

Hello everyone! We have foal number five to share with you. This adorable filly, Rumor, was born this week to 2020 Mare, Raven’s Myst of Gunner’s band. She is the band’s second foal this year and will eventually have a playmate. She will also get to spend time with grandma as Raven, dam to Raven’s…
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Papoose and Josie

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a busy day as two new foals were on the ground. We shared our newest colt with you last night, and today, we present our second filly of the year! This beauty is out of 2010 Mare, Papoose; the presumed sire is Half Moon. She is a darling girl and an…
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Shay and Tucker

Hello everyone! We have another foal to share with you tonight! This cutie is the newest colt out of Mare Shay in Teton’s band. He was already up and running around today. The name for this little guy is “Tucker.” We have not done a ‘T’ name in a while for Teton, so we thought…
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Beautiful Sisters of Half Moon’s Band

Hello everyone! For this Monday’s post, we will look at two sisters in Half Moon’s band. This is 2022 Filly, Sienna (Sumac x Half Moon) and 2022 Filly, Pepper (Papoose x Half Moon). They were born three days apart, Sienna being the older of the two. They each resemble their dams, with Half Moon’s good…
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Checking in on Guardian

Hello everyone! Today, we will take a look at Stallion Guardian and his band. Guardian continues to hold 2004 Mare, Little Gray, and her offspring Pippi, Ryley, and Luna. I was fortunate to spend time with them recently. They had a quiet winter, and other than being a little muddy, they appear to be doing…
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Maiden and Magnum

Hello everyone! Oh boy, we have our first colt! Please welcome the newest Sidekick family member, this darling boy out of 2010 Mare, Maiden. As you can see by the photos below, he definitely has his mother’s good looks. During my time with him, he seemed curious about all the new things around him. He…
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