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Another Look at Frontier

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at the rest of Frontier’s beautiful band. He continues to hold the two mares, Smokie and Firefly, his 2019 filly Anuk, his 2021 colt Flyer, and Anuk’s 2022 colt Kodiak. While with the band, I noticed Flyer paying a lot of attention to Smokie. I watched Frontier do this…
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January Visit With Frontier

Hello everyone! Here is a peek at another family I spent time with last week. This is 2012 Band Stallion, Frontier and his band. Depending on where they go and how much snow we receive, seeing them in the winter can be challenging. However, I have been fortunate to see them several times this winter.…
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Firefly’s Legacy

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to take another look at Frontier’s band. Spending time with this band is always special. They do not see many people this time of year, so I am always grateful when they allow me to stay for a visit. In a previous post, we took a look at Anuk and…
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Mother and Son

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week. Today, I thought you might enjoy seeing a peek at one of the bands I sat with this week. This is the gorgeous 2019 Mare, Anuk, and her 2022 Colt, Kodiak. Both continue to run in Frontier’s band along with Anuk’s brother Flyer, their…
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Fun Friday Part 31

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so I thought we would have one last summer-themed “Fun Friday.” Each of the photos below were taken during the past few months. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Fun Friday Part 30

Hello everyone! It is time once again for “Fun Friday!” Today’s post includes photos taken this summer and a mix of several different bands. There is also something extra at the end, so be sure to scroll through. Have a wonderful weekend!