Month: November 2022

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Checking on Copper

Hello everyone! Last week while out hiking, I happened across stallion Copper. As most of you know, he lost his band earlier this year. He was terribly thin, and many had concerns for his health. However, he was smart, and rather than try to get his band back, he took care of himself. He spent…
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Boomer, Amite, and the Bison

Hello everyone! As promised, here is another look at Boomer and his brother Amite. These two are doing well and continue to run in their older brother Xander’s band. In other Park news, it seems Arrowhead has managed to take his band back from Guardian. While I feel for Guardian, seeing the girls back with…
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A Legend and His Boy

Hello everyone! Well, you can probably imagine how happy I was to see this handsome guy today!! Yes, that is Red Face, and not only is he alive, but he is also with his 2020 Colt, Banty. These two finally decided to appear somewhere that would give us an idea of where to look. Earlier…
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Winter Changes

Hello everyone! It was great to be back in the Park this week. However, we ran into several changes. On the first morning, I hiked to check on several bands and came across Arrowhead. At first, I thought I was looking at him with his band. The number was off, but I figured the rest…
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Winter and Boomer

Hello everyone! The weather finally warmed up this week, so you know where I have been. While I try and play catch up with everything out here, enjoy this photo of Boomer and Mare Winter napping in the warm sun yesterday. Have a great night!

Fun Friday Part 27

Hello everyone! It is time for another ‘Fun Friday!’ Today we will mix it up with some older mares, a former band stallion, a few of the current bachelors, and something extra at the end. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!