Month: August 2021

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Alluvium and Applewood

Hello everyone! These two boys are 2019 Colts, Alluvium (Shay x Teton), and Applewood (Stormy x Ollie Jr). Two good-looking young bachelors who found one another earlier this year and have been walking together since.

Jewel, Cadet, and the Curious Knight

Hello everyone! I went through some photos recently and came across these from earlier this summer that I had not had a chance to share. One afternoon I was photographing several bands when I looked over and saw a young foal standing with Cadet of Arrowhead’s band. I knew it was his sister Dominque and…
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Update On Xander’s Band

Hello everyone! I was recently asked about a few members of Xander’s band and realized I have not posted his band in some time. I have from time to time shared updates on Boomer and Amite, but today I would like to share the rest of the band. For those who may not know, Xander…
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Curious Sterling

Hello everyone! One morning I was sitting with both Flax and Ollie Jr’s bands. The young colt Sterling of Ollie Jr’s band became very curious about the other horses nearby and decided to walk over and check them out. Flax saw him right away and went over to push him back to his family. Sterling…
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Family Bond

Here is a look at Arrowhead and his band. So much love Have a great weekend! (l to r) Blue, Diamond, Justice, Little Brother’s Girl, Cadet, Dominque, Arrowhead, Jewel, and Domino (not pictured: Mare Velvet)

Arrowhead and Jewel

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the handsome sire of the two foals, Dominque and Cadet, that I recently shared. If you missed those cuties, be sure to scroll back to see an updated look at them. Band Stallion Arrowhead is the 2010 foal out of Bella by Embers. The majority of Arrowhead’s band…
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