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A Summer Look at Wildrye’s Band

Hello everyone! Today I have an updated look at Wildrye and his band. His three 2020 foals are growing fast and look nothing like they did this spring. His yearling, Anthem has really grown and become so handsome over the summer. I will write under each photo to help with identifying. Enjoy and have a…
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Fun Friday Part 4

Hello everyone! It is Friday once again and time for ‘Fun Friday’ photos. Today I have a variety including horses, bison, and two little buddies who also call the park home. Enjoy this look at the beautiful wildlife of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and have a great weekend!

Trouble’s Girl and Blazo

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. I had a wonderful time in the park yesterday spending time with ten bands and my favorite hiking buddy! There has been a lot going on with two bands but before I share on that I would like to try and figure out a…
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A New Filly for Little Gray

Hello everyone! I was lucky this week to see Wildrye and the newest member of his band. Little Gray recently had a filly adding baby number two to their family. The park has named her Bendemeer but the public has chosen to name her Pippi because of her long stockings. She appears to be doing…
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An Afternoon With Wildrye

Hello everyone! Today, I have for you a look at Teton’s full brother, Wildrye and his band. They are both out of Mare Rosie by the late stallion, Gary. Teton and Wildrye worked together to take Gray Ghost’s band in early 2015 however, Teton would take control and leave his little brother behind. Wildrye would…
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Lorena and Her First Foal

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Mare Lorena’s new filly by Wildrye. The public has chosen to call her Lorelye after her dam and sire. This is the first foal for Lorena and I have to say she is doing an outstanding job. Over the years, she has helped look after the foals…
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