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A Look at Pixie

Hello everyone! For this Monday post, we will take a look at the 2020 Mare, Pixie (Bogue) of Wildrye’s band. She is the 2020 filly out of the late mare Stormy and stallion Ollie Jr. She is the perfect combination of the two of them when it comes to her gorgeous looks. In May of…
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Happy National Day of the Horse

Hello everyone, and Happy National Day of the Horse! For those of you who were worried about our newest filly, Maisey, being born so late in the year, here is a look at her last week. As you can see, she is getting bigger and has a nice coat for the colder temperatures. She sticks…
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Paige and Maisey

Hello everyone! We have a surprise to share with all of you today. Mare Paige, currently of Wildrye’s band, has foaled! She gave birth this morning to the beautiful filly you see below. While she is in Wildrye’s band now, the presumed sire is their former stallion, Grady. Please note that we have had late…
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Wildrye is Back

Hello everyone! Getting back to the horse updates today, here is a look at Wildrye and his band. Yes, he finally got his band back and, in the process, took Grady’s former girls as well. It took several tries throughout the past year to successfully take them, but Wildrye may have come upon Grady at…
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Wildrye and His Former Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a look at Wildrye and his (former) band from the other day. I hope to get eyes on all of them again in the coming days. Time will tell how this all plays out. I will continue to keep you updated as I know more. Thanks, and have a…
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Grady’s Extras

Hello! Here is a look at a band I have not shared in a while and an update to go along with it. I had been trying to sit with Grady and his band for several weeks, but it was not working out. Yesterday, despite the huge winds, I decided to try one more time.…
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