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Fun Friday Part 17

Hello everyone! We missed a few ‘Fun Friday’s’ so today we are back to it. This group of photos is from various occasions over the last few weeks, including when we still had a little bit of snow. The warm weather has melted it all now and we have had some really beautiful days for…
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Afternoon Rendezvous With Emmylou

Hello everyone! I recently caught Emmylou on another afternoon rendezvous. Emmylou has been having brief visits with other stallions for many years now but always goes back to Red Face and her mom, Flame. This time she was with stallion Remington. Although Remington was doing his best to keep her there, I knew Red Face…
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The Adorable Little Mo

Hello everyone! Today I would first like to thank you for all the love you showed for Strawberry. It really means a lot that you all took the time to help us honor her. Your kind words at times like these mean more than you know so thank you. I have seen her colt Boomer…
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Fun Friday Part 16

Hello everyone! It is time again for our weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post. Today I have for you a mix of horses from several different bands that I have spent time with lately. I have also been working on adding new puzzles to the jigsaw page. I tend to use photos that have multiple horses so…
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Fun Friday Part 13

Hello everyone! We missed a couple of ‘Fun Friday’s’ with all the changes happening in the Park but today we will get back to it. The high winds we have had over the last couple of weeks have blown most of the leaves off the trees however, I do have a few more photos with…
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Flame and Little Mo

Hello everyone! Several of you have asked about Flame and her new filly Little Mo. I was able to catch up with them briefly on Thursday evening. Little Mo seems to be doing well. They are with their family and she is doing a great job of keeping up when they move. I will try…
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