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Fun Friday Part 13

Hello everyone! We missed a couple of ‘Fun Friday’s’ with all the changes happening in the Park but today we will get back to it. The high winds we have had over the last couple of weeks have blown most of the leaves off the trees however, I do have a few more photos with…
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Flame and Little Mo

Hello everyone! Several of you have asked about Flame and her new filly Little Mo. I was able to catch up with them briefly on Thursday evening. Little Mo seems to be doing well. They are with their family and she is doing a great job of keeping up when they move. I will try…
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The Amazing Flame

Hello everyone! After some brief rain today, I set out to the Park in hopes of checking on Flame and her foal. It took some looking around since they had moved since last night but I was able to locate them. The baby was sleeping in the warm sun when I arrived. After a short…
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Fun Friday Part 12

Hello everyone! For today’s ‘Fun Friday’ I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos with the fall colors. The Park is gorgeous right now with the changing leaves and the horses just add to the beauty. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Remembering Molly

Hello everyone. I want to start today by thanking you all for the love you showed our beloved Molly on social media. It means so much during these difficult times. She was an amazing mare and the park is not the same without her. I wanted to share some of my favorite photos I have…
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Fun Friday Part 11

Hello everyone! It is Friday once again and time for ‘Fun Friday’ photos. Today I have another mix of the beautiful horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a great weekend!