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Wild Horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Hello everyone! If you made it out to the park last weekend you were likely treated to this sight as well. Many of the horses gathered together on the hills near Talkington. It really is a treat getting to see them all together like this. We have a beautiful herd! Enjoy and have a great…
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Another Colt For Frosty and Red Face

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. With all of the new babies born in March and April, I got behind on sharing more on this darling boy. This is one of the three new colts in the park, Banty. He is out of Frosty by Red Face. Before the park closure,…
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The Elk and Red Face’s Band

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I went out to check on Red Face and his band. They were back in the trees against a butte. Once I arrived, I found out they were not alone. In the trees next to the band were four huge elks. I have never come across horses and elk together before. One…
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Stirring Things Up Part II

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the end of your weekend. Today I have more photos of Gunner’s wild afternoon with Ollie and Red Face. After his first fight with Ollie, he stood nearby just watching all of the horses. Red Face decided that was not alright and went after him. As soon…
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Stirring Things Up on the Prairie

Hello everyone! Yesterday was an incredible day to be in the park and to think I almost didn’t go! I hiked out looking for a couple of different bands and was lucky to find them all in one place. While photographing Thunder, I noticed him staring at something behind me. I turned to see stallion…
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The Adventures of Ardena

Hello everyone! Today’s post I decided to call ‘The Adventures of Ardena’ because she had quite the day recently. I have seen foals visit another band before, but I have never seen one foal spend a good 45 minutes interacting with every band in the area as I did with Ardena. It all started when…
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