Month: September 2018

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Ollie’s Second Chance

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Ollie Jr and his small band. He was able to steal Cocoa’s band this spring shortly before his passing. It didn’t start out well for Ollie though as he lost Minnie the first week to Satellite. Not long after, he would lose Dolly to Flax. However, for the…
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Our Friend Flicka

Good morning everyone! I missed Throwback Thursday so today will be Flashback Friday. In 2013, I went through the park with my family and came across Cloud’s band. I have several images of Flicka with her then filly, Nation so I decided to devote a post to her. Flicka is still a member of Cloud’s…
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Granite’s Boy and Indy

Hello everyone! It has been an interesting week out in the park with lots of changes. I have been enjoying hiking with Eileen and watching it all unfold. Today I thought I would bring you a look at a crazy day with Granite’s Boy and Indy. These horses are so used to this terrain and…
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Maiden’s Voyage

Hello everyone! We had another new foal born in the park this week. This time it is a colt out of Mare Maiden and the presumed sire is Sidekick. Maiden has not foaled since 2016 when she had a colt named Mississippi. He is no longer in the park as he was adopted that same…
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Flax and Mae

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to give you a little more history on Stallion Flax and his very first mare, Mae. These two found one another in the spring of 2015. Flax was a young bachelor and was out looking for his first mare. Mae had recently been pushed out of her natal band by…
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Family Photo

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share a photo I took a few weeks back when I hiked out to see Half Moon’s band and the new baby, Phoebe. If you missed the post, be sure to scroll back and see the adorable new filly in his band. Several of the mares spotted me hiking…
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