Month: October 2018

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Bachelor Remington Takes on Band Stallion Mystery

Hello everyone! Yesterday morning we got some rain and even a little hail! Luckily it didn’t last long. It did, however, create some beautiful clouds while I was out with the horses. Mystery moved his band to where several other bands have been lately, including Sidekick. I will share more on that encounter and how…
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Teton Babies

Hello everyone! Today, I think we could all use a look at three babies who are doing great. These three cuties are the babies of Teton’s band. The first photo was captured in August when Andromeda and Perseus were only a few days old. Hera, out of Ruby, was three months old. All three have…
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The Struggles of Father and Son

Good evening everyone. I spent the day in the park today and was able to get eyes on both Atlas and Gray Ghost. I saw Twister and the band early on in the day from the interstate. I did not want to hike to them from the inside as Twister is still on high alert.…
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Bachelor Stallion Circus

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to your week. Here is a look at Circus from my hike across the river with Eileen. As you can see, he is just as gorgeous from the side with his brown eye. Have a great day!

Red Face and Frosty

Hello everyone! It was very cold here today but we do have warmer weather heading our way next week. Hopefully, winter will hold off for a little longer. I spent a lot of time with Red Face this week so I thought I would share some photos of him and his lead mare, Frosty. Both…
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Penny’s Surprise

Hello everyone! I had quite the morning in the park today. I found several surprises including a new foal! This cutie is the new colt out of Mare Copper Penny and the presumed sire is Brutus. He appears to be several days old and most importantly, healthy! Penny is one of the few mares who…
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