Teton Babies

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Teton Babies

Hello everyone! Today, I think we could all use a look at three babies who are doing great. These three cuties are the babies of Teton’s band. The first photo was captured in August when Andromeda and Perseus were only a few days old. Hera, out of Ruby, was three months old. All three have grown and changed quite a bit over the last two months. I spent time watching them play near the road last week and laughed as all three had to scratch on the same tree. It’s such a joy to be able to see three young siblings growing up together. They are all doing well and look great going into winter. Enjoy this updated look of these adorable Teton babies!

Hera is turning into such a beautiful filly. – 5 months old

Filly Andromeda was much darker than this just ten days prior. It’s amazing how fast they can change. – 2 months old

Colt Perseus had an itch and scratched it for a good five minutes. – 2 months old



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