Month: January 2024

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January Visit With Frontier

Hello everyone! Here is a peek at another family I spent time with last week. This is 2012 Band Stallion, Frontier and his band. Depending on where they go and how much snow we receive, seeing them in the winter can be challenging. However, I have been fortunate to see them several times this winter.…
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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a nice weekend. We have finally had some nice weather, so I could get out and hike. Just before sunset yesterday, I went looking for former band stallion Buster (Illinois). He had shown himself earlier in the day, so I had an idea where to head. After…
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The Handsome Half Moon

Hello everyone! We have recently looked at a couple of the beautiful foals by Stallion Half Moon. So today, I wanted to share a look at the handsome stallion Half Moon for you to see. He is 14 years old this year and, as you can see, is looking pretty good! He continues to hold…
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Hello everyone! Today, we will look at another one of the foals from this past year. This is the adorable filly Brandy out of mare Sumac. Her presumed sire is stallion Half Moon. She was the only foal born in Half Moon’s band last year, but she found ways to entertain herself just fine. She…
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River and the Magpie

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today, I wanted to share these photos I came across earlier this week. I was sitting with Sidekick and his band recently when a magpie flew in and bounced from mare to mare. It started by landing on Bella, then moved to River, and finally found a good spot on…
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Winter Look at Domino and Dominique

Hello everyone! Today, we will take a look at the stunning mother and daughter you see below. This is 2006 Mare, Domino, and her 2021 Filly, Dominque. Domino is a long-time mare of Arrowhead’s, and he is Dominique’s presumed sire. These two, along with mares Blue, Velvet, and Jewel, had an adventure back in November…
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