Month: August 2022

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I’ll Be Your Friend

2022 Filly, Black Beauty (Raven’s Myst) of Gunner’s band sought out 2022 Filly, Cricket (Crow) of Flash’s band last week when the two bands were near one another. Before this day, I had not seen the two of them interact. Maybe she knew Cricket needed a friend. Nature is a beautiful thing.

Queen of the Hill

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a nice, lazy weekend wherever you may be. Here is a look at Flax and his band taking it easy last week. (l to r) Summer, Dolly, Mae, Amargo, Flax, Anzar, Starlet, and the new (former) additions to the band, Bluff and Patience Queen of the…
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Remembering Millie and Patriot

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, we need to share with all of you that we have lost two foals over the last month or so. The first to disappear was Patriot, the 2022 colt out of Mare Democracy in Remington’s band. The second was Millie, the 2022 filly out of Mare Minnie in Flash’s band. Both were…
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Aloe vs. Cagney

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Aloe again from his encounter with the bachelor boys last week, but this time, he is taking on stallion Cagney. These two had quite the interaction, but luckily no one was hurt. Enjoy, and I hope you are all having a great start to your week!

Aloe vs. Anthem

Hello everyone! I returned to the Park briefly and had a wonderful time with friends. Three of the bachelor boys gave us quite the show when they went after three-year-old stallion Aloe of Half Moon’s band. Maybe someday soon, he will be running with them too. Time will tell. Below is a look at Aloe…
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Boys of Summer

The bachelor boys and former band stallions have been mixing it up all summer. It is always fun to see where you will find them next. Below is a look at some of the boys on their own and a few with their summertime buddies. Enjoy!