Month: October 2020

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Fun Friday Part 15

Happy Halloween everyone! I missed ‘Fun Friday’ yesterday but I have a good excuse. I was out late in the Park watching the most amazing sunset with the horses we all love. To make up for my delayed posting, today I have for you a look at last night’s sunset, a small update from the…
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Saga of Xander and Thunder

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a look at Thunder and his family. For those who have followed the Thunder/Xander saga since this spring, you know that Thunder was injured while fighting off his 2014 son, Xander back in April. Even with the injury, the 19-year-old stallion did not give up and continued to…
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Fun Friday Part 14

Hello everyone! I decided to put a little twist on today’s ‘Fun Friday’ and feature a single band from various times over the last few months. I have also added a few special throwback photos to when some of them were younger. Today’s featured band is Maverick’s band. For those who are new to the…
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Saga of Strawberry and Boomer

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a busy week. Although it is fall, winter weather hit us in the last week and brought with it our first snow. I know many of you have been concerned for Strawberry and Boomer. After my last visit with them, they were back with…
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Fun Friday Part 13

Hello everyone! We missed a couple of ‘Fun Friday’s’ with all the changes happening in the Park but today we will get back to it. The high winds we have had over the last couple of weeks have blown most of the leaves off the trees however, I do have a few more photos with…
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Remington, Democracy, and Bart

Hello everyone! I spent a nice visit with Remington and his band this week. He has managed to hold onto Mare Democracy and her 2020 Colt, Bart since July. They were standing very close to her former stallion Copper yesterday afternoon but it appears that Copper is respecting the fact that Democracy is now with…
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