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Then There Were Two

Hello everyone! I recently spent some time with Flash and his band. Since the passing of Lightning, I had not sat with the band much. It is strange not seeing her by Crow’s side. However, we are blessed to have Cricket, who will be a constant reminder of her legendary grandmother. Below is a look…
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Remembering Lightning

Hello everyone. It is with heavy hearts that we have to report the oldest mare and horse, Lightning has passed away. She was 24 years old and lived her entire life wild and free inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. That is absolutely amazing! Whenever I have to write a post like this, I always feel…
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I’ll Be Your Friend

2022 Filly, Black Beauty (Raven’s Myst) of Gunner’s band sought out 2022 Filly, Cricket (Crow) of Flash’s band last week when the two bands were near one another. Before this day, I had not seen the two of them interact. Maybe she knew Cricket needed a friend. Nature is a beautiful thing.

Remembering Millie and Patriot

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, we need to share with all of you that we have lost two foals over the last month or so. The first to disappear was Patriot, the 2022 colt out of Mare Democracy in Remington’s band. The second was Millie, the 2022 filly out of Mare Minnie in Flash’s band. Both were…
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Millie and Cricket

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the two sweet sisters in Flash’s band, Millie and Cricket. I think they like each other

Family Bonds

Hello everyone! In keeping with the family resemblance theme for #foalfriday, here is a look at Lightning, Cricket, and Crow. Lighting is the dam to Crow and the grand dam to Cricket. I love when a foal looks like a grandma! Enjoy, and have a great weekend! (l to r: Lightning, Cricket, and Crow)