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Almanac and Her Momma Minnie

Hello everyone! This Monday, we will look at the 2019 Mare, Almanac, and her dam, 2016 Mare, Minnie. These two continue to run together in Flash’s (Urban) band. I have been blessed to watch both of these mares grow up, as Minnie had Almanac when she was a three-year-old. Almanac’s sire was the late, great…
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Spring Look at Flash’s Band

Hello everyone! Tonight, we are going to flip back to Flash’s band. He continues holding his band of mares Crow, Minnie, Almanac, Bear, filly Cricket, and colt Griz. Flash did add to his band recently when he picked up Mare Annabella and her colt Huck from Ollie Jr, but it was short-lived, and they have…
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A Look at Cricket

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a beautiful filly I have not shared in a while. Pictured is Cricket, the 2022 filly out of Mare Crow. She continues to run in Flash’s (Urban) band along with Crow, her sister Bear, and nephew Griz. He is often tied to her hip, which is pretty cute.…
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Back to Flash

Hello everyone! We are going to jump back to Flash and his band today. This year, he added one new foal when his mare Bear gave birth to the darling colt Griz. Below is a look at his entire band. Next Friday is the last day to submit your comments to the park. Thanks again…
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Sign for the Horses

Hello everyone! Today, we have ANOTHER way for you to help support the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We are seeking 1 million signatures to ADD to the support of the Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014 passed by both the House and Senate of North Dakota. By signing this petition, we are expressing our…
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Flash in November

Hello everyone! It has been a busy few days in the park. We had some beautiful weather that has melted most of our recent snow. It was muddy, but overall, wonderful weather for all. I have lots to share, but for now, enjoy this look at Flash and his gorgeous band. Have a great night!