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Fun Friday Part 31

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so I thought we would have one last summer-themed “Fun Friday.” Each of the photos below were taken during the past few months. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Flash’s Band

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far. Below is a look at Flash and his band. Enjoy! (l to r) Cricket, Crow, Bear, Griz (asleep in the sweet clover), Almanac, and Stallion Flash -His mare Minnie was just out of frame.


Hello everyone! Here is another look at our newest foal, Harmony. She is doing well in her new band with her dam Patience and Aunt Bluff. I spent some more time with them recently and saw more of Harmony’s personality. She is a cutie and fits in well in Flax’s band. Below are a few…
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Bear and Griz

Hello everyone! We have another foal to help start off your week. Mare Bear, of Flash’s band, gave birth to the handsome colt Griz you see below. This is the first foal for Bear, who is three this year. He is a great addition to the band and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd. Thanks,…
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Then There Were Two

Hello everyone! I recently spent some time with Flash and his band. Since the passing of Lightning, I had not sat with the band much. It is strange not seeing her by Crow’s side. However, we are blessed to have Cricket, who will be a constant reminder of her legendary grandmother. Below is a look…
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Remembering Lightning

Hello everyone. It is with heavy hearts that we have to report the oldest mare and horse, Lightning has passed away. She was 24 years old and lived her entire life wild and free inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. That is absolutely amazing! Whenever I have to write a post like this, I always feel…
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