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Minnie and Satine

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a look at Almanac’s little sister, Satine. She is about 6 weeks old now and doing great. Several of you asked about Satellite, the sire to both Almanac and Satine. For now, he is walking with the young bachelor Applewood and continues to heal. Maybe someday he will…
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Almanac and Flash

Hello everyone! This beautiful girl is 2019 Filly, Almanac out of Mare Minne by Stallion Satellite. With Stallion Flash taking the entire band from Satellite this spring, Almanac is now experiencing life with her first band stallion (who isn’t her father anyway). She and Flash seem to be getting along quite well. There has been…
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Minnie and Her New Filly Satine

Hello everyone! We have another beauty to share with you all tonight. The photos below are of the new filly out of Mare Minnie. Many of you are aware that Satellite recently lost the band to stallion Flash however, stallion Satellite should be the sire of this filly. The name Satine (pronounced Sateen) was suggested…
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Changes in Satellite’s Band

Hello everyone! A few things happened at the Park today that I wanted to share with you. After a short time away from his family, little Banty is now back with Red Face’s band! He was with everyone this afternoon like he had never left. The first photo of Banty and Red Face is why…
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