Month: June 2023

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Guardian’s Gang

Hello everyone! It is always fun to see which bachelors will group up during summer. Recently, this group of boys has been seen running together, causing many problems for the band stallions. Guardian, the oldest, appears to lead the crew of usually seven, including Anzar, Applewood, Arey, Banty, Bart, and the newest bachelor, Aloe. Alluvium…
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Ollie Jr

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the very handsome 2010 Band Stallion, Ollie Jr. He was on the move trying to keep his band all in the same place one evening. Being a band stallion is a workout. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Connections to Pretty Girl

Hello everyone! While out with the horses one evening, I found Gunner’s band tucked into the trees. It was a neat area to try and photograph, but that was not what drew me to capture this photo. I loved that every horse in this image is directly related and can be tracked back to Mare…
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Handsome Remington

Hello everyone! After his mare Democracy foaled and blessed us with Willow, Remington ran around a lot. If a bachelor or a band stallion he did not trust came around, he was off to try and move them away. Sooner or later, he will learn not everyone is a threat. In the meantime, we get…
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Hello everyone! For today’s #FoalFriday I have another look at Democracy’s beautiful filly Willow. She is a character and has been fun to watch so far. Below are a few photos of her over the past month. Enjoy this look at her, and have a wonderful weekend!

Blazo and Bokel

Hello everyone! It is that time of year when the young boys all try and act tough. It is not uncommon to come across young bachelors play fighting and then walking away together as though nothing happened. This is how they learn. These two handsome boys, Blazo and Bokel, are doing just that. They have…
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