Month: January 2020

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Wind Dancer and Buster – Winter Buddies

Hello everyone! I came across these two handsome boys this week. This is bachelor stallions, Wind Dancer and Buster. Both look good and are still sticking together. With Buster being removed from his natal band just a few months ago, it was nice to see him find a buddy so quickly. In the past, Wind…
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Looking After Mom

Hello everyone! Recently when I was with several bands, Ollie Jr. decided to make a move on mare Esprit of Copper’s band. The wind was blowing so it made it hard for Copper to hear what was going on behind him. No worries though as Esprit’s daughter, Faith took care of it. As soon as…
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Winter Check Up on Brutus

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I was fortunate to spend a sunny afternoon with stallions Brutus, Flash, and Trooper. I personally have not seen any of them since October. I watched Flash and Trooper cross the river back in October and thought they were likely still over there. Brutus has been hidden since the end of October…
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RIP Sweet Ginger

Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment tonight to thank all of you on this page as well as, Wild in North Dakota. The loving response to Ginger’s passing was overwhelming and so greatly appreciated. Many of you have never seen her in person and yet you all honored her as if she was…
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Goodbye Ginger

Hello everyone. It’s with a heavy heart today that I must report that not all of our horses made it through the recent cold snap. Mare Ginger, of Mystery’s band, has passed away. I first noticed she was missing from her band yesterday. After checking several bands, it was apparent she was nowhere to be…
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A Second Look at Justice and Her Filly

Hello everyone! Many of you have written and been concerned about the new filly after our insane cold snap these past few days. I am happy to report she is still with us. Arrowhead’s band and several others moved to a new spot and luckily I was able to find them this afternoon to check…
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