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Piper and Poppy

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. Here is a look at two other occasional members of Maverick’s band. This is 2023 Filly, Piper, and her big sister, 2021 Filly, Poppy. Their dam is the ever-independent mare Patches. It depends on the day and their mother’s mood, whether or…
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Beauties in the Snow

Hello everyone! Last week I spent some time with Maverick and his band. I often see them but do not always get to hike to them. He has a beautiful group of ladies, including the two pictured below. Most of you will recognize Paisley, the daughter of the late mare Strawberry. The mare next to…
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Girl Fight

Hello everyone! We will flashback to spring today when the park was much greener. On this day, Paisley was playing with three-year-old Bluegrass. They do not get as rough as the boys, but they still like to bite and even rear up a little. They looked pretty cute, pestering one another and put on a…
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Patches and Piper

Hello everyone! We have a new foal to share with you tonight! Mare Patches has given birth to this gorgeous little filly, Piper. You may remember Patches spent the first few months away from her band after having her first filly, Poppy. It appears history repeats itself with this one as Patches and her filly…
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Beauties in the Breeze

Hello everyone! It is warming up here this weekend, so horses and humans are trying to stay cool. Here is a look at mares Maddie, Penny, Cassie, Paisley, and Dawn resting high on a butte and catching the breeze inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Have a great weekend!


Hello everyone! Below is a look at the 2014 Band Stallion, Maverick (Lightning x Satellite). He continues to hold his band of 8 mares, including the four beautiful girls from the previous post. He lost mare Patches and filly Poppy during the winter months. They walked alone until April, when they were picked up by…
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