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Four Generations

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! This photo may seem simple, but it took me over a year to get. These four girls make up four generations in one band! Ever since Bluegrass was born last summer, I have wanted to capture a photo of the four of them together. That was easier said than done!…
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Updates From the Park

Hello everyone! Tonight I have a few updates for you. Oftentimes I get behind when changes happen and do not get around to sharing them all right away so here are a few things that have occurred lately in the Park. •As many of you may already know, Trooper stole the remaining girls from Maverick…
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Aftermath of Maverick vs. Brutus

Hello everyone! A lot of shuffling around has been going on in the Park lately. You may remember last week when I shared about the ongoing fight between Maverick and Brutus. When I left that evening Maverick was near Brutus attempting to take back Penny, Paisley, and who I now know was Cassie. While I…
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Brutus Attempts a Comeback

Hello everyone! Last weekend while driving through the Park I came across a surprise. Former Band Stallion, Brutus was at Boicourt and he wasn’t alone. He had managed to steal back some of his original band from stallion Maverick. I watched them for a short while before Brutus moved them out of the area. At…
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Fun Friday Part 18

Hello everyone! It is time again for ‘Fun Friday’ where I share a mix of photos taken in the Park. Today I have for you a look at several of the bands I saw over the last two weeks, including a look at Mare Skipper. Several of you reached out to see if I had…
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A Scary Day for Skipper

Hello everyone! Most days in the Park are peaceful and relaxing. Sunday started out that way but quickly changed. I set out to find the horses and as luck would have it, they actually ended up coming to me. I was in an area where the horses have access to water and photographing several bands,…
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