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Growing Up Fast

Hello everyone! I had planned on sharing a different band with you today until I came across this cutie yesterday. As I was hiking back to my car, I came over a hill and ran into Maverick and his band. This is Arey, the colt out of Skipper born at the end of September. He…
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Winter Update on Maverick

Hello everyone! Here is an updated look at Maverick and the rest of his band, including Skipper’s foal, Arey. He has a good-sized band for being so young. He has worked very hard to keep them all and to keep Brutus at bay. Although Brutus is injured, he still managed to take Skipper shortly before…
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Adopted Son

Hello! Today I have an image from August to share with you that I feel says so much about the horses in this herd. Pictured below is Band Stallion, Maverick and 2018 Colt, Poseidon (who has since been adopted). Oftentimes when a mare and her foal are stolen by another stallion, I am asked if…
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