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Ardena and Auggie

Hello everyone! This little guy has had an exciting start to his life in the Park. New colt Auggie and his dam Ardena were accidentally separated from the band and have spent the first few days of his life walking the Park alone. Ollie Jr has been seen in various places nearby but has yet…
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Fun Friday Part 29

Hello everyone! It is time again for another “Fun Friday!” Today is a mix of mares and stallions inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

Huck vs. Sterling

Hello everyone! Of the two colts in Ollie Jr’s band, Huck is the youngest. As a result, he has to deal with his older brother Sterling occasionally. One morning while with the band, Sterling was pestering Huck. This went on for a minute or two before Huck had enough, and for the first time I…
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Fun Friday Part 28

Hello everyone! We have not done a “Fun Friday” for a while, and I think we need one today. The photos below include a mix of beautiful girls from several bands, all taken over the past few months. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dashing Through the Snow

Nothing is more beautiful than watching a wild horse run through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Watching them run through the snow only adds to the experience. Below is a look at some of the fantastic horses inside the park dashing through the snow this winter. Enjoy, and Happy President’s Day!

Ollie Jr in Winter

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been busy. The loop road inside the park opened and it warmed up so that means late days checking on the horses. Pictured below is a look at 2010 Band Stallion, Ollie Jr.