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The Many Moods of Ollie Jr.

Happy Saturday! Here is the updated look at Ollie Jr and the rest of his band that I promised. He is currently holding mares Sapphire, Stormy, and Autumn. During my last visit with Ollie, he was in a ‘mood.’ He would not let any of his band eat near him and actually bit and chased…
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Applewood and Aqua of Ollie Jr.’s Band

Hello everyone! We received some snow recently but had 40-degree temperatures today with lots of sunshine. That is nice for us and for the animals of TRNP. Today, I have a double dose of cute to share with you. Applewood and Aqua, are the two foals in Ollie Jr.’s band out of mares, Stormy and…
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Wild Brother and Sister

Hello everyone! After sharing Stormy, I thought you all might enjoy an updated look at her colt, Applewood and his sister, Aqua out of Mare Sapphire. Both were dark when they were born but Applewood seems to be changing more than his sister. They are both adorable and great additions to this band. Enjoy!  

Horse Spotlight – Mare Stormy

Hello everyone! It’s time again to feature another horse from the TRNP herd. Today’s 🌟Horse Spotlight🌟 is 1999 Mare, Stormy! She is currently running in Ollie Jr.’s band with her 2019 Colt, Applewood. Stormy, along with her current bandmates Autumn and Sapphire, were stolen from Cocoa in 2018 just before his passing. She currently has…
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Applewood and Aqua

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a nice week. Today I thought you might enjoy a mid-week dose of cuteness. You may remember when I first shared these two that colt Applewood, out of Stormy, was a little troublemaker when it came to his sisters. As you can see, little filly Aqua, out…
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Double Trouble

Ollie Jr. was blessed with two new additions to his band on the same day last month. Mare Stormy had a colt named Applewood and Mare Sapphire had a filly named Aqua. It is amazing how similar they look now. That will change soon I am sure. I spent a couple of hours with the…
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