Sign for the Horses

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Sign for the Horses

Hello everyone! Today, we have ANOTHER way for you to help support the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
We are seeking 1 million signatures to ADD to the support of the Senate Concurrent Resolution 4014 passed by both the House and Senate of North Dakota. By signing this petition, we are expressing our support of the resolution and the preservation of the wild horses.
This petition will allow people from across the United States and worldwide the opportunity to help save this magnificent herd by signing their names in support! Please help us by signing the petition, liking this post, sharing it far and wide, and becoming a voice for the wild horses inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Below is a look at some of the horses we are fighting for. Thank you so much for your support, and please share ❤
Link to sign the petition:


Mare Whiskey of Georgia’s Boy’s band

2023 Colt, Auggie (Ardena x Ollie Jr)

Crow’s Family – (l to r) Mare Crow, her 2022 Filly, Cricket, her 2020 Filly, Bear, and her grandson, Griz (photo was taken in June)

2014 Band Stallion, Casper – He is out of Mare Shale and the late stallion, Gray Ghost.

Mare Holly and her 2021 Filly, Noelle – They continue to run together in Georgia’s Boy’s band.

Bachelor Stallions (l to r): Apex, Blazo, Bokel, and Alluvium