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Fun Friday Part 2

Hello everyone! I decided to do another ‘Fun Friday’ post today and share a few more of my favorites. This time I have several of the stallions in the park mixed with a couple of others. I will write under each photo again so be sure to scroll through. For some more weekend fun, I…
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Another Filly For Angel and Thunder

Hello everyone! Today was a beautiful day in the park and the perfect time to find a new baby! Mare Angel of Thunder’s band has a brand new filly. She is adorable and yes, she has one blue eye! I have been checking on Angel for the past couple of weeks now and was so…
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Update on Remington and Xander

Hello everyone! I have run into these two bachelor boys quite a bit lately. 2014 stallions, Remington and Xander have spent most of the winter together. They both appear to be doing well and pretty much stick to themselves unless Guardian joins them. He tends to lead them straight into trouble but if they ever…
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Stirring Things Up on the Prairie

Hello everyone! Yesterday was an incredible day to be in the park and to think I almost didn’t go! I hiked out looking for a couple of different bands and was lucky to find them all in one place. While photographing Thunder, I noticed him staring at something behind me. I turned to see stallion…
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The Saga of Half Moon and Guardian

Hello everyone! Here is a look at what caused Half Moon to be so on edge in the photo from my previous post. As most of you probably guessed, it was Guardian. He has been putting a lot of pressure on all the bands over the last few weeks but in particular, Half Moon. For…
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Winter Check Up on Brutus

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I was fortunate to spend a sunny afternoon with stallions Brutus, Flash, and Trooper. I personally have not seen any of them since October. I watched Flash and Trooper cross the river back in October and thought they were likely still over there. Brutus has been hidden since the end of October…
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