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Goofy Brothers

Hello everyone! I apologize for the brief silence on this page. My life got a little crazy, and some other stuff had to come first. I have been in the park the past couple of days playing catch-up. So much is happening this spring. I will do my best to share it with you all.…
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New Bachelor Beau

Hello everyone! Along with the new foals in the park, we have also had some other changes. That includes adding one more bachelor to the mix. Beau, the 2021 colt out of Pretty Girl, is now running with the young bachelors often seen on the park’s east side. He and his mother have been moving…
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Checking on Applewood’s Band

Hello everyone! It was a busy week in the park, with some added snow to brighten things up. You may remember when I shared with you at the beginning of February that Applewood had picked up mare Birch and her filly Aspen. At that time, he had been holding them off and on throughout the…
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More of the Bachelors

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a few more bachelors running together in the park. These good-looking boys are 2020 Stallion, Banty, 2019 Stallion, Arey, and 2020 Stallion, Bart. These three can usually be found with stallions Aloe and Anzar, whom I shared with you in previous posts. They made the park more interesting…
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The Very Handsome Aloe

Hello everyone! Here is a look at one of the bachelor boys. This is 2019 Stallion, Aloe out of Rosie by Half Moon. He is still hanging with a few of the other bachelors. I will share more of them soon. In the meantime, enjoy this look at Aloe!

Xander in the Snow

Hello everyone! We talk about Boomer and Amite all the time, so I decided to look at their big brother today. Here is a look at the handsome stallion Xander last month during our brief period with snow. He has grown into quite the impressive band stallion. Enjoy, and have a wonderful week!