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Adopted Son

Hello! Today I have an image from August to share with you that I feel says so much about the horses in this herd. Pictured below is Band Stallion, Maverick and 2018 Colt, Poseidon (who has since been adopted). Oftentimes when a mare and her foal are stolen by another stallion, I am asked if…
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Wild Love – Copper and Daisy

Hello everyone! On this Sunday, I thought everyone might enjoy a recent look at Copper! He continues to hold a band of five mares including this lovely mare, Daisy. For those new to the page, Copper injured his front leg and lost his entire band in 2014. For the next few years, he took time…
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Wild Filly Meets Her Grandfather

Hello everyone! Yesterday when I was out in the park I was lucky to witness some interesting dynamics between Half Moon and Mystery. I have not really seen these two interact very much over the years. While I was photographing Half Moon, I could see Mystery start to slowly walk over to him. Half Moon…
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