Month: March 2024

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Happy Easter 2024

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely holiday weekend. Today, I wanted to share a look at 2014 Mare, Grace. It is hard to believe she is ten already. She and her 2021 Colt, Black Hawk, continue to walk with Gunner’s band. So far, Black Hawk has been allowed to stay. However,…
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Perdita and Chloe

Hello everyone, and welcome to Foal Season 2024!! We have been patiently waiting, and now we finally have a little one to fall in love with. While checking on our pregnant mares today, I was blessed to find Perdita with the foal we had been waiting months to see. Please welcome to the world her…
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Snowy Morning With Frosty and Cody

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! As promised, here is a closer look at 1999 Mare, Frosty, and her 2021 Colt, Cody, by the late stallion Red Face. They have moved around a lot over the past year but always stayed together. When sitting with Cody, you cannot help but notice…
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Applewood’s Band

Hello everyone! It was a busy week in the park, with some added snow to brighten things up. You may remember when I shared with you at the beginning of February that Applewood had picked up mare Birch and her filly Aspen. At that time, he had been holding them off and on throughout the…
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Another Look at Tontee and Tawny

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week. This is 2021 Mare, Tontee, and her 2023 Filly, Tawny. They are one of the beautiful mother-and-daughter duos in Casper’s (Nicols) band. He continues to hold his band of seven lovely ladies, including Tontee’s older sisters. Enjoy this look at these two!

Ollie’s Band Beginning 2024

Hello everyone! As promised, here are a few photos of Ollie Jr and his band from the weekend. They had a pretty quiet winter. His 2020 Filly, Bess, out of mare Autumn, left the band and finally settled in with Flax. The younger boys, two-year-old Huck and yearling Auggie are getting bigger. Despite numerous attempts…
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