Month: April 2024

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Democracy and Dillinger

Hello everyone! Guess what? We have another foal! This is the new colt out of Mare Democracy, and the presumed sire is Remington. He looks a lot like his big sister Willow did last year, and boy, is he a trooper. We got some much-needed rain today, which did not stop him from running and…
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Dolly and Casey

Hello everyone! Tonight, we have another new foal to share with you. This is the newest colt out of Mare Dolly. The presumed sire is Cagney, Dolly’s former band stallion. This colt is likely the first foal sired by stallion Cagney, so we wanted to honor him by using a ‘C’ name. We also want…
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Checking on Boomer

Hello everyone! Several of you have asked for an updated look at Boomer. Yesterday, I happened to be near the band, so I stopped and grabbed a few photos of him to share with you today. With his older brother Amite now a bachelor, he spent most of his time hanging near yearling filly Bluebell.…
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Banty and Amite Become Friends

Hello everyone! With the new foals in the park, the bachelors have been very interested in the mares and have started to run around causing trouble. Recently, some friends and I were checking on the first foal, Chloe, and the rest of Gunner’s band. Nearby was stallion Amite, formerly of Xander’s band. He became a…
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Raven’s Myst and Rumor

Hello everyone! We have foal number five to share with you. This adorable filly, Rumor, was born this week to 2020 Mare, Raven’s Myst of Gunner’s band. She is the band’s second foal this year and will eventually have a playmate. She will also get to spend time with grandma as Raven, dam to Raven’s…
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Papoose and Josie

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a busy day as two new foals were on the ground. We shared our newest colt with you last night, and today, we present our second filly of the year! This beauty is out of 2010 Mare, Papoose; the presumed sire is Half Moon. She is a darling girl and an…
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