Democracy and Dillinger

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Democracy and Dillinger

Hello everyone! Guess what? We have another foal! This is the new colt out of Mare Democracy, and the presumed sire is Remington. He looks a lot like his big sister Willow did last year, and boy, is he a trooper. We got some much-needed rain today, which did not stop him from running and bucking alongside Momma. The name we are offering for him is “Dillinger.” Another strong band stallion name for, hopefully, after yesterday’s fantastic news, another future band stallion. Also, a ‘D’ name to go along with Democracy. Please help us welcome our second colt this week to Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

2013 Mare, Democracy and her new 2024 colt

Beautiful momma Democracy and her new colt

Democracy and her new colt ❤

Mare Democracy and her 2024 colt – the presumed sire is Remington