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Fun Friday Part 13

Hello everyone! We missed a couple of ‘Fun Friday’s’ with all the changes happening in the Park but today we will get back to it. The high winds we have had over the last couple of weeks have blown most of the leaves off the trees however, I do have a few more photos with…
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Remington, Democracy, and Bart

Hello everyone! I spent a nice visit with Remington and his band this week. He has managed to hold onto Mare Democracy and her 2020 Colt, Bart since July. They were standing very close to her former stallion Copper yesterday afternoon but it appears that Copper is respecting the fact that Democracy is now with…
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Flame and Little Mo

Hello everyone! Several of you have asked about Flame and her new filly Little Mo. I was able to catch up with them briefly on Thursday evening. Little Mo seems to be doing well. They are with their family and she is doing a great job of keeping up when they move. I will try…
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Hopes For Strawberry and Boomer

Hello! As I stated on Wednesday, I wanted to try and locate Strawberry this week since she had once again been separated from Arrowhead and his band. It took three days of hiking various areas of the Park but I was able to finally get eyes on her and her colt, Boomer. I found them…
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Valentina’s Two Day Adventure

Hello everyone! Well, it looks like Valentina’s days with Arrowhead were short-lived. She was back with her family band yesterday even though Arrowhead was nearby. He would have been a great stallion for her so hopefully when she is ready to move on he can add her to his band. Sometimes when mares begin to…
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Blue Beauties

Hello everyone! These two beautiful mares are Blue (right) and her daughter Velvet. They are both currently running in Arrowhead’s band. Blue is a 2007 mare and Velvet is her 2014 filly as well as, the only daughter of the legendary stallion Blaze remaining in the Park today. Blue has not foaled since I began…
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