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Ready for Their Close-Up

Hello everyone! Tonight, we will take a closer look at a few of the faces of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd with some close-up shots. These gorgeous mares and one adorable filly are just a few examples of the amazing horses that make up this herd. Enjoy and have a great night!

Beautiful Sisters

Hello everyone! Today I have a look at two of the fillies in Grady’s band. These beautiful sisters are 2020 Filly, Bonnet, and 2021 Filly, Gidget, out of Mare Gigi. Both girls are presumed to be sired by stallion Grady. Enjoy, and have a great week!

Badger and Pixie

Hello everyone! Below is a look at two 2020 fillies in Grady’s band, Pixie and Badger. They joined the band in 2021 and have been with him for over a year. Today they appear to fit in well, as you will often find Pixie hanging near Grady, and Badger can be seen spending time with…
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Grady’s Extras

Hello! Here is a look at a band I have not shared in a while and an update to go along with it. I had been trying to sit with Grady and his band for several weeks, but it was not working out. Yesterday, despite the huge winds, I decided to try one more time.…
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Three Amigos of Grady’s Band

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a look at the rest of the youngsters of Grady’s band. Arcola is the 2019 Colt out of Gigi, Bonnet is his younger sister, and Blazo is the 2020 Colt out of Trouble’s Girl by Wildrye. These three sure seem fond of one another. Enjoy and have a…
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More Additions to Grady’s Band

Good morning, everyone! Gigi’s new filly, Gidget, is not the only new member of Grady’s band. He also has added two 2020 Fillies, Pixie (Stormy x Ollie Jr) and Frosted Arrow (Justice x Arrowhead). They had previously been running with Stallion Guardian. All the new additions bring Grady’s band to 10, including him. Time will…
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