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Grady and His Band

Hello everyone! Last weekend, Grady and his band made an appearance. I had not seen them up close for a while so it was nice to get eyes on everyone. Gigi’s 2019 colt, Arcola has changed so much. He is still very close with Mare Blondie which is sweet. It is nice to see them…
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A Chilly Afternoon With Grady’s Band

Hello! As promised, here is another look at Grady and his band. These girls have been with several different stallions over the last few years but most recently they were with stallion Ranger. That is until August when Ranger’s old bachelor buddy, Grady came in and stole the band from him. This is the first…
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Love and Joy – Gigi and her colt, Arcola

Today’s post is a two-for-one! Not only do we have a new foal in the park, but we also have a band change as well. 2014 Mare, Gigi gave birth to a beautiful colt this past week. The park has given him the name Arcola after a stream in Iowa. The sire is anyone’s guess…
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