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Happy Mother’s Day From the Park

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! To celebrate the wonderful mothers inside the Park I decided to pull a select few of my favorite images of mares with their offspring that I have taken over the years. Some of the pairs are still together in the same band while…
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Grady’s Band and Trouble’s Girl

Good morning everyone! With all the happenings in the Park, I have once again got behind on sharing photos with all of you. Today I wanted to share this look at Grady and his band. I have not posted an updated photo of Gigi’s filly, Bonnet in quite some time and as you can see,…
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Fun Friday Part 12

Hello everyone! For today’s ‘Fun Friday’ I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos with the fall colors. The Park is gorgeous right now with the changing leaves and the horses just add to the beauty. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

A Summer Look at Grady’s Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a closer look at Grady and the rest of his band. He is currently holding a band of three mares, a yearling, and his adorable new filly, Bonnet. Since taking the band from Ranger, he has done a great job so far in his role of band stallion. This…
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Gigi and Bonnet

Hello everyone! I spent a very hot day last week with Gigi and her new filly, Bonnet. She is a little cutie! Grady took over the band from Ranger last year soon after Gigi gave birth to Arcola so he is the presumed sire of Bonnet. She would be the first known foal for the…
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Grady and His Band

Hello everyone! Last weekend, Grady and his band made an appearance. I had not seen them up close for a while so it was nice to get eyes on everyone. Gigi’s 2019 colt, Arcola has changed so much. He is still very close with Mare Blondie which is sweet. It is nice to see them…
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