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Catching Up With Copper

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Copper and his band after we finally made our way over to them on the day with the crazy wash. Luckily, we were able to sit with them for a bit before they moved on for the night. Everyone in his band looks great going into winter.…
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The Determination of Wild Stallion Copper

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you the rest of Copper’s band. This tight-knit group of girls has been together for several years. When I began tracking in 2015, they were all a part of Silver’s band. In 2016, Copper stole Democracy from Silver but would lose her to Arrowhead later that…
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Wild Love – Copper and Daisy

Hello everyone! On this Sunday, I thought everyone might enjoy a recent look at Copper! He continues to hold a band of five mares including this lovely mare, Daisy. For those new to the page, Copper injured his front leg and lost his entire band in 2014. For the next few years, he took time…
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Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing weekend like Daisy, Copper, and Democracy. Have a great day!

Young vs. Old

Hello! Lately, I have been spending a lot of time with Copper and his band. He is doing well and still keeping the young boys at bay. One morning Gunner got a little to close for his liking and he quickly showed him who was boss. Here are a few photos of their brief interaction.…
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Spring Evening With Copper

Hello everyone! I was fortunate to spend a quiet evening with Copper and his band last week. His new filly is just too cute and such a joy to watch. It’s nice to see a little one with this band. Some of you asked about Copper and he is doing great! He managed to keep…
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