Month: February 2024

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A Look at Pixie

Hello everyone! For this Monday post, we will take a look at the 2020 Mare, Pixie (Bogue) of Wildrye’s band. She is the 2020 filly out of the late mare Stormy and stallion Ollie Jr. She is the perfect combination of the two of them when it comes to her gorgeous looks. In May of…
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A Special Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We will look at stallion Remington and his mare Lakota, for this special day. She was relatively new to the band when this image was taken, and he was still trying to ‘woo’ her. I think she has since come to at least appreciate her handsome band stallion. Enjoy this look…
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A Look at Anisak

Hello everyone! Since today is Monday, we will look at one of the beautiful young mares in the herd. This is 2019 Mare, Anisak. She is the first foal out of mare Perdita of Gunner’s band. Anisak is currently a member of Arrowhead’s band. In 2019, when Anisak was born, Perdita was separated from her…
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More of the Bachelors

Hello everyone! Today, we will look at a few more bachelors running together in the park. These good-looking boys are 2020 Stallion, Banty, 2019 Stallion, Arey, and 2020 Stallion, Bart. These three can usually be found with stallions Aloe and Anzar, whom I shared with you in previous posts. They made the park more interesting…
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Finding Coal

Hello everyone! Today was a fantastic day! For almost four months, this handsome guy, 2005 Former Band Stallion, Coal, has been tucked away somewhere out of sight. He had lost his last mare to his son Amantes last fall and was not showing signs of wanting to continue the battle. The last evening we saw…
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Changes in Cagney’s Band

Hello everyone! Today, I have another update to share with you. There has been a change in Cagney’s band recently. He is still holding mares Dolly and Bess, but he recently lost Dolly’s girls, Starlet and Summer, to his nephew Bokel. During our cold snap, Bokel made his move to take a mare from Cagney,…
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