A Look at Pixie

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A Look at Pixie

Hello everyone! For this Monday post, we will take a look at the 2020 Mare, Pixie (Bogue) of Wildrye’s band. She is the 2020 filly out of the late mare Stormy and stallion Ollie Jr. She is the perfect combination of the two of them when it comes to her gorgeous looks. In May of 2021, Pixie and her dam Stormy were separated from Ollie Jr’s band and picked up by stallion Guardian. They were with him until Stormy’s passing later that year. Soon after Stormy passed, Pixie and her bandmate Badger were separated from Guardian and picked up by stallion Grady. She remained with Grady until Wildrye took the band from him this past fall. Pixie had a brief run with stallion Wind Dancer during that same time. However, that did not last as long as we had hoped, and today, she is back with Wildrye’s band. Below is a look at Pixie today and two of my favorite foal photos of her. Enjoy, and have a nice week!

At four days old, Pixie enjoyed chasing the birds around her.

2020 Mare, Pixie

Pixie and her sister Jewel on a hot August day. They found a cool dirt spot to take a nap together.