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Checking on Brutus and Beaver

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I hiked out to locate stallion Brutus and his mare Beaver. They had been hard to reach for a lot of the winter due to the snow between us and them. Now with the snow gone, I was able to sit with them for a while. Beaver appears…
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Updated Look at Poppy and Patches

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Mare Patches and her 2021 Filly, Poppy out of Stallion Maverick. To give you a little more history on Patches, she is the 2016 Filly out of Mare Pukin by Stallion Half Moon. She was separated from her family band in May of 2018 and picked up…
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Summer Updates With Brutus and Ollie Jr

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. To start off the week, I thought I would share with you a couple of changes inside the Park. First, the change I am most excited about is that Patches and Poppy have found a stallion. Many of you may remember after 2021 Filly, Poppy…
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Brutus Attempts a Comeback

Hello everyone! Last weekend while driving through the Park I came across a surprise. Former Band Stallion, Brutus was at Boicourt and he wasn’t alone. He had managed to steal back some of his original band from stallion Maverick. I watched them for a short while before Brutus moved them out of the area. At…
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New Colt for Skipper and Brutus

Hello everyone! You may remember a couple weeks ago when Eileen and I were surprised one morning by this cutie. He is the colt out of Skipper and the presumed sire is Brutus. The park has given him the name Arey after a stream in Alaska. This darling boy is looking great and growing fast!…
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Hoping for a Comeback

Hello! Yesterday, I decided to go sit with Brutus for awhile. I wanted to see how he was doing since losing his band. He has a very swollen front left leg but can still get around. He goes slow but is able to put weight on it when he stands and walks. Hopefully, he will…
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