Month: June 2020

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Arrowhead’s Kids

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the youngsters in Arrowhead’s band. He has three 2020 foals, including Arrow, who I shared with you last week, Betsy (Betts), and Blackjack as well as one yearling, Antice. I spent an evening with them recently and Blackjack was so adorable. He has changed a lot over the…
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The Beautiful Mare Daisy

Hello everyone! I had a few questions about Daisy after my last Copper post so I thought I would dedicate today’s post to her. She is the 2006 daughter of Chubby x Curious George. She joined Copper’s band in 2017 when her stallion, Silver passed away. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but…
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Summer Changes

Hello everyone! I was able to sit with both Copper and Red Face several times recently and confirm where the three former Mystery mares have ended up. As we learned last week, Red Face had taken Ember’s Girl and her filly. He also took Eagle and her filly and as of yesterday, they continue to…
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An Update on the First Foal of the Year

Hello everyone! Today I thought you might like to see an updated look at the first foal of the year, Arrow (Badger). She is five months old now and getting so big! She and her dam, Justice are doing well and still running with Stallion Arrowhead. Here are a few photos of Arrow and her…
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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This young father has sired several foals over the years. Band Stallion Guardian spent almost the entire winter trying to get his former mare, Freckles back from Half Moon, and finally succeeded. He continues to hold her and this cutie, Katie (Bender), who is presumed to…
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Wild Horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Hello everyone! If you made it out to the park last weekend you were likely treated to this sight as well. Many of the horses gathered together on the hills near Talkington. It really is a treat getting to see them all together like this. We have a beautiful herd! Enjoy and have a great…
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