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Fun Friday Part 2

Hello everyone! I decided to do another ‘Fun Friday’ post today and share a few more of my favorites. This time I have several of the stallions in the park mixed with a couple of others. I will write under each photo again so be sure to scroll through. For some more weekend fun, I…
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Arrowhead’s Kids

Hello everyone! Here is a look at the youngsters in Arrowhead’s band. He has three 2020 foals, including Arrow, who I shared with you last week, Betsy (Betts), and Blackjack as well as one yearling, Antice. I spent an evening with them recently and Blackjack was so adorable. He has changed a lot over the…
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An Update on the First Foal of the Year

Hello everyone! Today I thought you might like to see an updated look at the first foal of the year, Arrow (Badger). She is five months old now and getting so big! She and her dam, Justice are doing well and still running with Stallion Arrowhead. Here are a few photos of Arrow and her…
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Two New Foals For Arrowhead

Hello everyone! I had the privilege of seeing Arrowhead and his band several times last week. He had two foals born during the closure and boy are they adorable. Mare Domino gave birth to a colt named Blackjack while Mare Papoose gave birth to a filly named Betsy (Betts). I caught the band close to…
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Arrowhead vs. the Bachelors

Good morning everyone! I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day yesterday. When I found the bachelor boys the other night, they were headed over a hill towards something they could see but I could not. Once they were gone I decided to follow to see what was going on. I looked…
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Belle Plays With Arrowhead

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this series of photos with you today to give you a glimpse at the personality of Faith’s filly, Belle. She reminds me a lot of her sisters that came before her and just as fun to watch. On this afternoon, she saw stallion Arrowhead, who is not her sire,…
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