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Fun Friday Part 33

Hello everyone! The weather is warming up here and melting most of our snow. So, for today’s post, I decided to do one last winter-themed ‘Fun Friday.’ All the photos below were taken over the past few months. Enjoy this look at some of our beautiful horses inside the park, and have a great weekend!…
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A Look at Anisak

Hello everyone! Since today is Monday, we will look at one of the beautiful young mares in the herd. This is 2019 Mare, Anisak. She is the first foal out of mare Perdita of Gunner’s band. Anisak is currently a member of Arrowhead’s band. In 2019, when Anisak was born, Perdita was separated from her…
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Winter Look at Domino and Dominique

Hello everyone! Today, we will take a look at the stunning mother and daughter you see below. This is 2006 Mare, Domino, and her 2021 Filly, Dominque. Domino is a long-time mare of Arrowhead’s, and he is Dominique’s presumed sire. These two, along with mares Blue, Velvet, and Jewel, had an adventure back in November…
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Checking in on Arrowhead

Hello everyone! To start your week on a good note, here is a look at the handsome band stallion Arrowhead. Now 14 years old, he continues to hold a band of eight mares, along with his three-year-old colt and filly. The band all appeared to be doing well so far this winter. I had a…
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Arrowhead Kind of Day

Hello everyone! Here is the gorgeous Band Stallion Arrowhead to make your weekend even better. Enjoy!

Fun Friday Part 30

Hello everyone! It is time once again for “Fun Friday!” Today’s post includes photos taken this summer and a mix of several different bands. There is also something extra at the end, so be sure to scroll through. Have a wonderful weekend!