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Winter Changes

Hello everyone! It was great to be back in the Park this week. However, we ran into several changes. On the first morning, I hiked to check on several bands and came across Arrowhead. At first, I thought I was looking at him with his band. The number was off, but I figured the rest…
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Great Group of Yearlings

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week. Today I thought I would share a look at a few of the colts from last year. These boys are growing up fast and really are a good-looking group of yearlings. Enjoy!

Reflecting on Arrowhead

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Today I thought I would share a look at Arrowhead and his band. One afternoon, I found them around a large water hole and had fun getting some reflection photos. That is not something we often get to do in the middle of the…
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Anisak’s New Band

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I came across Arrowhead and his band with a new member. He had recently picked up Mare Anisak from Gunner’s band. While I was there, Mare Justice was unhappy with the change and pushed Anisak away several times. Her colt Cadet, however, was thrilled with the new addition!…
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Looking For Love

Hello everyone! Several times throughout this past winter, I came across Arrowhead, and he was covered in mud. This day he was cleaner than usual, so I decided to stop and take a few photos of him and Mare Diamond. He was trying to woo her and she quickly let him know she was not…
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Hello everyone! Little Dominique (Domino x Arrowhead) will be a year old soon, along with her brother, Cadet. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. She has grown so much and is becoming a stunning young filly. Enjoy and have a great week!