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Fun Friday Part 17

Hello everyone! We missed a few ‘Fun Friday’s’ so today we are back to it. This group of photos is from various occasions over the last few weeks, including when we still had a little bit of snow. The warm weather has melted it all now and we have had some really beautiful days for…
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A Look at Arrowhead’s Growing Foals

Hello everyone! To start off the week I thought you might enjoy a look at Arrowhead and his foals. They are all getting big and look gorgeous in their winter coats. He sure makes good looking kids! I will write under each photo to help with identifying. Enjoy this updated look at these cuties and…
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Valentina’s Two Day Adventure

Hello everyone! Well, it looks like Valentina’s days with Arrowhead were short-lived. She was back with her family band yesterday even though Arrowhead was nearby. He would have been a great stallion for her so hopefully when she is ready to move on he can add her to his band. Sometimes when mares begin to…
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Blue Beauties

Hello everyone! These two beautiful mares are Blue (right) and her daughter Velvet. They are both currently running in Arrowhead’s band. Blue is a 2007 mare and Velvet is her 2014 filly as well as, the only daughter of the legendary stallion Blaze remaining in the Park today. Blue has not foaled since I began…
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Fun Friday Part 11

Hello everyone! It is Friday once again and time for ‘Fun Friday’ photos. Today I have another mix of the beautiful horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Beautiful Foals of Arrowhead’s Band

Hello everyone! Today I have for you an updated look at the foals of Arrowhead’s band. Let me just say, he makes some beautiful babies. To help you see how they have changed, I have added a photo from when they were each new foals as well. Enjoy and have a great day!