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It’s Foal Friday!

Hello everyone! For today’s #FoalFriday, I have for you an updated look at some of the earlier 2022 foals and an added bonus of Patriot and his big brother. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Have a great weekend!

Half Moon’s Spa Day

Hello everyone! While with Half Moon and his band last week, I thought I would try and get some new photos of him. Well, I must have taken too long with the others because this happened when I was about to walk over to photograph him. At first, I thought I could just photograph him…
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Braving the Storm

Hello everyone! I know many of you have been waiting for this post. It has been a long couple of weeks with huge amounts of snow and rain, but I am happy to report that all of our 8 foals made it through the storms. They have some amazing mommas who performed nothing short of…
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Punkin and Moon Shadow

Hello again! Today we bring you more exciting news welcoming yet another foal to this herd! This time it’s a little colt out of Mare Punkin by Stallion Half Moon. We haven’t yet named a foal after Half Moon so, after much thought, we offer the name “Moon Shadow” for this adorable little colt. The…
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Filly Sienna

Hello everyone! Filly Sienna is excited for #FoalFriday and the weekend. She was running laps last weekend, which was pretty adorable. Love watching these new foals. Have a great weekend!

Papoose and Pepper

Hello everyone! It was another exciting day in the Park with not one but two new foals. The first new addition is an adorable filly out of Mare Papoose once again in Half Moon’s band. She has been named “Pepper” to go with her current coloring and a “P” name to go along with her…
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