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Fathers and Sons

When two boys pick a fight their dads have to finish… Band Stallions Sidekick and Half Moon quickly intervene when two-year-old Knight of Sidekick’s band, gets into a small spat with four-year-old Aloe.

Bluebell and Brandy

Hello everyone! As promised, we are continuing with the new foals today. These two adorable fillies were born on the same cold and windy morning. The first filly is Bluebell out of Mare Misty Blue of Xander’s band. The second filly is Brandy out of Mare Sumac in Half Moon’s band. Both girls are doing…
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Half Moon Fillies

Hello everyone! Returning to Half Moon’s band today, here is a look at his three beautiful fillies. Star (Berryhill) is the oldest turning three this year, while Pepper and Sienna are now yearlings. All three look great coming out of winter. Enjoy, and have a great week!

Moon Shadow

Hello everyone! Earlier this week, I was fortunate to locate Half Moon’s band. While visiting them, I spent a lot of time watching this handsome young guy. He is 2022 Colt, Moon Shadow, out of Mare Punkin. I learned about him this week that he can successfully annoy all three of his sisters in under…
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Fun Friday Part 29

Hello everyone! It is time again for another “Fun Friday!” Today is a mix of mares and stallions inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

Fun Friday Part 28

Hello everyone! We have not done a “Fun Friday” for a while, and I think we need one today. The photos below include a mix of beautiful girls from several bands, all taken over the past few months. I will write under each photo, so be sure to scroll through. Have a wonderful weekend!