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Indian Paintbrush and Tess

Hello everyone! We have a new member of Teton’s band to share with you today. She is a filly named Tess out of Mare Indian Paintbrush, and as you can see, she is adorable. She makes the second foal for the band this year and the third foal to date for Indian Paintbrush and Teton.

Casper and Apex

Hello everyone! Getting back to the bachelor boys that were giving Teton a hard time, here is a closer look at Casper and Teton’s son, Apex. Casper is out of Mare Shale by the legendary stallion, Gray Ghost. Over the last few years, he has changed so much and is becoming just as gorgeous as…
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Teton Takes on the Younger Generation

Good morning everyone! Lately, Band Stallion Teton has been dealing with pressure from Stallions Casper, Cloud, and his young son, Apex. While Apex is not much of a threat and more likely just following Casper around, the other two could present a challenge for Teton. On this day I watched as Casper and Apex moved…
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Teton On the Run

Hello everyone! Several stallions have been giving Teton a hard time lately. I will share photos of one of those encounters with you soon. Until then, enjoy this look at the gorgeous Teton defending his band!  

Teepee and Her New Filly Tontee

Hello everyone! We have a new addition to Teton’s band, a filly out of Mare Teepee. She looks a lot like her beautiful mother. She is the first foal for Teton’s band this year but she likely will not be the last.

Fun Friday Part 24

Good morning everyone! It is time once again for ‘Fun Friday!’ Today I have a mix of horses, elk, and a golden eagle that call the Park home. I also included one more photo of Flax and his band from their day with the bison. I had a lot of questions about who was who…
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