Month: May 2023

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Bear and Griz

Hello everyone! We have another foal to help start off your week. Mare Bear, of Flash’s band, gave birth to the handsome colt Griz you see below. This is the first foal for Bear, who is three this year. He is a great addition to the band and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd. Thanks,…
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Checking on Brutus and Beaver

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I hiked out to locate stallion Brutus and his mare Beaver. They had been hard to reach for a lot of the winter due to the snow between us and them. Now with the snow gone, I was able to sit with them for a while. Beaver appears…
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Democracy and Willow

Hello everyone and happy Monday! We have another new foal to share with you tonight. Surprise! It is another filly. This adorable girl is Willow out of Mare Democracy, and her presumed sire, who she looks exactly like, is Stallion Remington. She and her mom are doing well. Please help us welcome another beautiful filly…
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Tontee and Tawny

Hello everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day! What better way to celebrate than to share a new mom and her foal. Mare Tontee, who many of you helped name just two years ago, recently gave birth to the beautiful filly Tawny you see below. We hope all the mothers out there are having a wonderful day.

Fathers and Sons

When two boys pick a fight their dads have to finish… Band Stallions Sidekick and Half Moon quickly intervene when two-year-old Knight of Sidekick’s band, gets into a small spat with four-year-old Aloe.

An Updated Look at Kodiak

Hello everyone! For a special #foalfriday, here is an updated look at 2022 Colt, Kodiak, out of Mare Anuk. His presumed sire is Flax, but he and Anuk continue to run in Frontier’s band. He grew up so much over the winter and is so handsome. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!