Month: December 2018

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A Visit to the Old Stomping Grounds

Happy Saturday everyone! I recently spent some time with Teton and his band. He was back in one of the old spots near Ridgeline he and the band used to call home. When Teton first became a band stallion, he acquired a large number of mares. So we would often see him rotate the band…
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Canyon Breeze

Hello everyone! Whenever I share photos of Wind Canyon I often get questions about his offspring. So today I thought I would give you a closer look at his last foal sired to date, Canyon Breeze. She was out of Mare Betty Blue and was born in 2014. In the spring of 2015, Stallion Coal…
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Sisters By Chance

Hello everyone! Here is a look at 2 of the 4 fillies in Half Moon’s band. Selene, out of Rosie, and Blue Moon, out of Nordie, were born this past spring three days apart. They have always looked a lot alike except for Blue Moon’s distinctive left blue eye. They both are now seven months…
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Wind Dancer

Good morning everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here is a recent look at Bachelor Stallion, Wind Dancer. He is one of the five Clinker sons still in the park. He is currently walking alone but can sometimes be seen spending an afternoon with Granite’s Boy and his brother, Indy, the youngest Clinker…
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Wild Filly Meets Her Grandfather

Hello everyone! Yesterday when I was out in the park I was lucky to witness some interesting dynamics between Half Moon and Mystery. I have not really seen these two interact very much over the years. While I was photographing Half Moon, I could see Mystery start to slowly walk over to him. Half Moon…
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In Memory of Cowboy Lyle

Hello everyone! Here is a closer look at Grace’s little brother, Lyle. Many of you know he was named after our dear friend, Cowboy Lyle, who passed away earlier this year. He loved the horses, took beautiful photos, and always took time to stop and say hello, whether he knew you or not. Colt Lyle…
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