Wild Filly Meets Her Grandfather

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Wild Filly Meets Her Grandfather

Hello everyone! Yesterday when I was out in the park I was lucky to witness some interesting dynamics between Half Moon and Mystery. I have not really seen these two interact very much over the years. While I was photographing Half Moon, I could see Mystery start to slowly walk over to him. Half Moon turned and saw him coming but just went back to eating. At this point, I got excited to see this interaction because Mystery is his father! Once Mystery reached Half Moon, the two of them stood there for a bit looking at one another. Usually when stallions meet there is some sniffing, pushing, and even biting. That did not happen with these two. Mystery put his head on Half Moon’s back and neither of them moved away. A few minutes later, Half Moon started to walk off and Mystery slowly followed. Finally, they stood next to one another and grazed. I have seen father/son interactions before but most of the time, there is squealing and the son runs off. None of that happened with these two. Eventually, Mystery decided to head back to his band. On his way back, one of Half Moon’s fillies, Blue Moon, suddenly decided she needed to walk over to Mystery. It was interesting that she decided to walk up to him since, if we are correct in thinking she is Half Moon’s daughter, it would make Mystery her grandfather. Once Half Moon saw her walk over to Mystery he stopped eating and intently watched them both. Mystery saw him watching and walked away from Blue Moon. She then walked over to Half Moon as if to apologize. It was so neat to see a lot of family interaction. The fact that it was so calm and low key only made it interesting to watch. I’ll write a little under each photo below to help explain the story. I will also share more of Half Moon’s band with you soon. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Half Moon and Mystery – I don’t think Half Moon completely trusted Mystery would keep things calm.

Half Moon starts to walk away and Mystery wants to follow.

2018 Filly, Blue Moon decides it is her turn to visit her grandfather, Mystery.

I love how they just stand there looking at one another.

Half Moon and Blue Moon – The position of Half Moon’s ears makes me think she is being scolded for walking up to Mystery.



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